Time for Friends

The Dalvero Academy has featured a drawing I made of a crit in progress on their homepage and it made me think of sharing a few more of the many, many drawings I've made of my friends and classmates over the years. I like being able to draw the same people over a long time. Each time I draw them, I know them a little better and hopefully am able to get a little closer to who they are.

Restoring a Past, Charting a Future

You may have noticed I have been a pretty absent blogger (bad blogger!), but I haven't been idle! I am very happy to announce that I will be in a show with 23 other very talented artists of the Dalvero Academy, opening April 28th at Mystic Seaport. Please be sure to visit the show's website, and definitely stop by Mystic after the 28th if you can.

In preparation for the opening of the show, I am sharing some drawings I made while inside the hull of the Charles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in existence! The director of the shipyard, Quentin Snediker, made it possible for us to go inside during the ongoing restoration. Being inside the ship like that felt very special, since few people get to see the ship that way. From every vantage point, the wood curved around and toward me in so many different directions, I felt as if I was in the ship's embrace. That seemed appropriate when I thought of all the men the Morgan carried, out on the vast ocean. That feeling and the series of drawings I made over two years were the inspiration for a piece called "In the Morgan's Embrace." Here are a couple of the drawings made in preparation for creating that piece.

As the restoration goes forward, it's fascinating to see the new wood replacing the old.

And it's always fun being on a work site. Seeing things while they are still under construction is like being in the middle of a drawing—all process.

Definitely check out my fellow Dalverans' work:
and Alex, who has been posting a drawing a day since March 24th, and will continue to do so until the the opening of the show!